the splash of milk in morning coffee
the worn pairs of socks sliding down hallways
the snort of true laughter
and the crinkles of true faces
and the gaps between teeth
the colour of ideas, rainbow, tomorrow
The scraping of chairs, the taker of seats
The owner of space
the rustle of feathers, the rustle of papers
the leaning forward, the leaning in
the unfolded petals, of letting light in, open
Turned to face the sun


“I drink too much tea,” she said while making herself a mug. She lived in contradictions, she smiled in the face of irony and always added three heaped sugars.

“Stop, ” I said. ” You’ll become an instant diabetic.”

“I’m sure that’s not how it works.” She replied, the corner of her mouth inching upwards to create that dimple on her left cheek I loved. Continue reading Oyster


Tonight I am left with feelings of profound emptiness that would make a good poem if I had the willpower.

You are the main act tonight. I’m devoted to our situation. I’m undertaking a critical analysis of everything we’ve said to each other over the past five months. Easy enough. Meaningful conversation fails me when you’re around. I usually opt for meager nodding or lame pleasantries if I’m feeling brave.

I rarely do.  Continue reading 11:00pm

Commitment issues: Thoughts on writing a novel

“The first draft of anything is shit.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Guess who’s writing a novel? Me. Yes, I’m finally going to do it. I have a great idea, some really intriguing characters under my belt and a twist that’s going to rip out the hearts of all those who ever read it. Yup, this idea is the one. It’s perfect. Oh my god I’m actually doing this.

*One week later*
…what was I thinking? Continue reading Commitment issues: Thoughts on writing a novel

Thoughts on motivation and inspiration

Lately I’ve been feeling a little scattered. It’s been a hectic month of moving house, job searching and all round stressful times. As such, certain things have taken a back seat in favour of my sanity.

I tend to get frustrated if I’m not keeping up with things, or if I’m not doing all the things I’d like to do. For instance, despite wanting to make more time for writing, I really haven’t been able to do that. Continue reading Thoughts on motivation and inspiration


‘You don’t write because you want something, you write because you have something to say.’

– F Scott Fitzgerald

I have been through many blog formats in my life. Ever since I was a teenager I have tried to create a small space for myself on the internet where I can practice doing what I like to do. Writing.

However, having people read my work has always been a big fear of mine. Not exactly because I’m scared to receive criticism, more accurately, it’s a fear that people will read what I have written and think to themselves ‘wow, she is a terrible writer’. My own brain  jumps to this conclusion every time I show anyone anything. Even my own Mother.

Therefor I have never committed to a blog. Today, I’m going to change that.

Continue reading Welcome