Expect Tea

Shaking hands clutch at teacups
starved talons and twisted mouths
of spite, unripe plum painted lips
red stained, seeping into cracks
shiver at my thoughts
that curdle cold milk

The stick of every second, disgust
stains the rim of my cup
filtered light and floating dust
carries ancient words
that work in forging blades
to burn smooth skin.


Lip Liner

Boots off,
lipstick on,

curling toes, aching soles,

I can’t step right or feel
but I can walk in heels,
and I can give them what they want.

I can give skirts, fluttering round ankles
light toes, pink grace, small wisdom,
I can make, be a girl of palatable tastes
with a hollow chest that curves, thoughtfully echoes words,
gesturing, restrained slim fingertips I’ve washed of dirt.

I can’t speak light or feel,
I’ll wear a smile and heels
and I can give them what they want.

Quiet Love

I’ve finished my first coffee of the day. Warm, not scalding. Just now taking effect, so my thoughts are hazy in a way that’s only pleasant on days when I don’t have to leave the house or attend to anything particularly time sensitive. How lucky I am for that to be my reality, even if it is only so for a few more days. Continue reading Quiet Love

Univeristy Woes

Highly relatable and topical post coming at you now my friends.

Okay, so I love university. Learning and researching, reading and writing, the marvellous people I get to meet and know, it’s all wonderful. Really, I’d recommend that anyone wanting to go should. Yet, right now, nearing the end of the semester and academic year, things are getting intense. Major essays are now due and despite the fact that I’m not behind on anything, I am panicking. Continue reading Univeristy Woes