I sat in a dingy cafe yesterday and ordered the world’s worst coffee. I didn’t want to go anywhere trendy, or hip, or whatever word we’re using right now to describe “cool”. I didn’t want or deserve cool.

I deserved linoleum flooring, chewing gum stuck to the underside of the table, fluorescent lighting that buzzes incessantly and coffee that tastes more like commercial grade cleaning agent.

That’s what I got.

Inadequacy is an odd feeling. It’s difficult to place. It’s like jealousy’s weaker cousin that’s been sent to do the dirty work.

God does my laundry pile up.

The Value of Libraries

Give me a place with books and a bit of tranquil calm and I’ll be happy.

In libraries, silence isn’t deafening. Silence in libraries is the faint clicking of keyboards, the slow and careful turn of pages, the occasional cough or sniff from someone else and the very, very distant hum of the world outside. As I type this, I am seated in such a library. This section, in particular, is steeped in Victorian architecture and when you’re as much of a history and book nerd as I am, you can’t help but feel much more elated writing an essay here than you would at home.  Continue reading The Value of Libraries


The thing about me is that I’m easily amused.

I’m not at all exaggerating when I say that one of my favourite things to do is to walk aimlessly around my city. Whenever I have a spare moment, perhaps an hour between classes, I’ll leave the confines of the campus and venture forth into the known, because I do this often and have come to know the grid of my city like the back of my hand. Continue reading Wandering

Commitment issues: Thoughts on writing a novel

“The first draft of anything is shit.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Guess who’s writing a novel? Me. Yes, I’m finally going to do it. I have a great idea, some really intriguing characters under my belt and a twist that’s going to rip out the hearts of all those who ever read it. Yup, this idea is the one. It’s perfect. Oh my god I’m actually doing this.

*One week later*
…what was I thinking? Continue reading Commitment issues: Thoughts on writing a novel

Small Town Syndrome: Thoughts on growing up

Growing up in a small(ish) town is an experience. It’s a strange mixture of freedom and captivity. Think wide open spaces, blue skies, more stars at night, that sort of thing. Yet when you enter your teen years you suddenly feel like you’re under a microscope. You feel trapped in a place that is suddenly too small.

At least I did. Continue reading Small Town Syndrome: Thoughts on growing up

Thoughts on motivation and inspiration

Lately I’ve been feeling a little scattered. It’s been a hectic month of moving house, job searching and all round stressful times. As such, certain things have taken a back seat in favour of my sanity.

I tend to get frustrated if I’m not keeping up with things, or if I’m not doing all the things I’d like to do. For instance, despite wanting to make more time for writing, I really haven’t been able to do that. Continue reading Thoughts on motivation and inspiration