Hello there,

I’m Kayla, a bookish 20 something-year-old student from Australia. Here is where I write.

A bit about me,

I’m really bad at writing about myself. Truly.

I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing (what a shock). As such, I spend a lot of my academic hours reading and writing. Evidentally, I also spend a lot of my free time doing the same thing.

I play an instrument (violin) and in addition to writing, would love to become an instrumental teacher.

What I write,

Since I was in my early teens (maybe even before) I’ve been addicted to writing. I’ve attempted novel-length works, journalism, creative non-fiction, poetry, short fiction, long fiction, scripts, travel pieces, you name it.

These days I gravitate towards “creative non-fiction” in a (very) broad sense and I explore this through both poetry and prose. I derive a great deal of inspiration from personal experience, and in the spirit of blogging, will be working to encapsulate moments from my day to day life in ways that are hopefully creative and effective.

That’s pretty much all, I suppose. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you find what I have to say somewhat interesting.



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